Batumi Filming Locations - A Short Hyperlapse Film


For past 10 years Batumi has became a popular filming destination. This year India’s top producers, brothers Abbas and Mustan Burmawalla will shoot their new romantic thriller “Machine” in Batumi and Mestia . “Machine” is the first results of the special film incentive scheme “Film in Georgia” launched in January, 2016 offering 20-25% cash back on qualified expenses incurred in the country!

Batumi developed in the late 19th century as the western terminus of a railway from Baku that then carried one-fifth of the world’s oil production. A pipeline and refinery built by Ludwig Nobel, brother of Swedish dynamite inventor Alfred, soon followed. Batumi gained free-port status and became a fashionable resort at the southern tip of the Russian empire. In Soviet times the border with Turkey was closed, making Batumi a bit of a backwater, but it has since bounced back as a hub of commerce as well as tourism and film making.

Video by Robbie RG Commercial