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Cash Rebate


If you are interested in how to film your next project in Georgia, and it is Georgia Country not Georgia US State, then let us help you with your decision.

There are three basic reasons why you really need to consider shooting your film in Georgia.

  1. Georgia is a very compact and at the same time very diverse country.  And by diverse I mean locations.  There are 23 climate/sub-climate zones in this small country, so on the same day you can be shooting in one of the worlds most iconic Caucasus mountain range, and then on a desert, or in subtropics and at the seashore.   At the same time Georgia is an ancient country with ancient locations, as well as recent history of Soviet might be exactly what you look for, or do you care for European city streets, it is all here.  On our sister site, you can scan through many of locations that we have prepared as a very convenient catalogue.
  2. Georgia is a very cost effective place to shoot.  Not only crews and other direct production costs are much cheaper than other eastern european countries, but also cost of goods and cost of living is low as well.  So you can save your production budget, or increase the production value of your picture.
  3. And now from 2016, CASH REBATE was introduced in Georgia.  So now you can take back 25% of the money you spend in Georgia on your next film.  If you want to find out how tax rebate in Georgia works, click here.

Tbilisi, and whole Georgia is great place to spend your 3 months of production.  Just google yourself what visitors think about this country and hospitality of people here.  You can expect to have fun and be well taken care of.

And when speaking of being well taken care of, we know how important it might be to have a reliable partner in a country where you plan to film.  FilminGeorgiaToday, is the group of professionals who have the biggest experience not only in our country but also in the whole region.  We are the company who makes films.  We make our own projects, as well as provide professional production service to companies interested in shooting a film in a country Georgia.

If you decide you need support in anything from scouting locations to preparing a budget for your upcoming project, even if it is for research purposes, just to compare to other alternatives please reach out to, or call us +99577727201 and ask our team to provide what you need.  We might end up to be a good alternative.   You can be assured that you are in good hands.  You are not going to be the first one US, European and Asian companies and producers have produced films in Georgia with our help.


Production company will navigate you the process to make sure that all procedures are cleared and your project will benefit from the rebate at its maximum capacity. Meanwhile below is information about how it works.

Since The January 2016, Georgia has introduced a 20%-25% rebates/incentives program for productions interested to shoot the project in Georgia.

General requirements to obtain 20% rebate for you upcoming project:

  • Beneficiary of the rebate scheme must be a company registered in Georgia.
  • Minimum budget is $250K for Feature Films, Drama Series/Mini Series.
  • Minimum budget is $150K for Documentaries, Commercials, Reality TV Shows or Music videos ,Animated Films.

Additional Rebate of 2-5%

  • Full completion of the project and production of a final product, to be distributed among audiences
  • Distribution of the final product in at least 2 countries (excluding Georgia)
  • Employment of the citizen of Georgia in at least one of the followingdirections:
  • Main or Supporting Actress/Actor
  • At least one of the Department Heads
  • Display of architectural/natural objects identifiable with Georgia
  • Post-Production of at least GEL 100,000 ($45K USD) on the territory of Georgia

Getting the Rebate:

  • Beneficiary has to provide an official independent audit conclusion document within 2 years of production.
  • Rebate will be provided within 90 calendar days after providing independent audit conclusion document.



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Cash Rebate Project Manager

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Cash Rebate Project Coordinator

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