Christina Ulloa about 247°F - Filmed In Georgia

247°F is horror/thriller genre film directed by Levan Bakhia starring Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton, Michael Copon, Christina Ulloa, Travis Van Winkle was filmed by Sarke Studio in Georgian. Later in 2012 it was released by Anchor Bay Entertainment in USA , Earth Star Entertainment in Japan and Great Movies in Germany . 

Christina Ulloa: It’s psychological in that it plays into the common theme of just feeling trapped. I think that’s something everyone can relate to. Whether it’s a relationship, a career or just life in general. We all deal with having to overcome conflicts that suffocate us in any aspect of life.

My character Renee comes across as someone who thinks that everything revolves around her and someone that’s maybe a little bit spoiled. But when you look at it, she’s really a good friend and a loyal person. Once you get past that first layer of her sassy sort of vibe, she’s a good person at heart. We filmed in the country – Georgia and were there for about a month. It’s a beautiful part of the world to be in. It’s very European. Everywhere you looked you could see the mountains or the water. Traveling to that unique part of the world was incredible. That and getting to work long hours. I shot 23 out of 27 days. That was the best.

The cast was great, We spent a lot time together, We never went home after work. We all formed genuine friendships and that chemistry really comes across well on-screen. It was a lot of fun.