Director Jimmy Olsson about Filming in Georgia

Meet Jimmy Olsson, a film director from Sweden. You can always check out his work on the following link:

We asked Jimmy to share his experience of filming in Georgia country.

This is what he had to say:

I have done music videos, short films and commercials and I like to mix everything. Right now i m preparing for my next film that I will shoot in the summer. I like to have many projects going on at the same time so Im developing two features and one other feature that im writing. And I combine this with shooting commercials.

 I like to travel around and Im represented all over the world so I get to see a lot of nice places.

 I have been to Georgia twice now and have made two jobs. The first I did for Sante dairy products and it was a fun and easy shoot.

Two months after that the company called me again and wanted me to do ”Summer in Georgia  I thought to myself that this can be a very nice film and I get to see the whole of Georgia so I said yes.

It was a stressful production with a lot of recce and little time for preparing the technical parts of the film and art department and casting was also stressful. But I think it turned out quite nicely in the end. We shot it for 6 days. I will always remember the road (or non road ) to Svaneti towers. It took forever to get there but when we were there they were very beautiful of course and Batumi was very nice as well.

I had a very nice time in Georgia and the people are awesome. The film production community are professional but the industry lack some money and experience from foreign directors and perhaps producers. They do a lot of service for the Ukraine I understand and thats good but they need to build up their own film industry even stronger and I would like to be a part of that.

 I would love to come and shoot in Georgia lots of times more, love the food and the people there.