Fairy-tale "JARA” - a one-year journey through the wild nature of Adjara

In one or two months EcoFilms Georgia will be presenting new documentary film “JARA” for those, who love nature and travelling, and not only for them.

The film tells us how bees from the “jara” hung in the forest see beauty and ruthlessness of nature, people and their intervention in their life, peaceful co-existence or conflict with them; life for mutual use or harm, toil of bees, their fear of predators. Herdsmen, bears, everyday life of village and local bee- keepers. Countryside stories, in which it is difficult to distinguish where the boundary passes between human habitat and wild nature.

Jara, a traditional Georgian beehive, made from long log or large tree bark, is ancient and primitive way of domesticating bees. The movie tells about a bee-keeping tradition of jara (or, which is the same, gedja), which is still alive in Adjara. But apart from the tradition itself, you will also learn a lot about habits and life of local population. The film will tell you about everyday struggle of people and animals for survival and wellbeing.

“Jara” has been filmed in one of the most interesting regions of Georgia, which is also one of the richest and most important places in the world in terms of biodiversity. Adjara region, which is often called a “Museum of Nature”, has survived the glacial period and kept unique species of flora and fauna, most of which are not met in any other part of the world, or their numbers are so small there that special care is needed.

The “EcoFilms” team started filming “Jara” last year and continued through different seasons, working in several villages and gorges of Adjara. “Jara” will be the first large documentary of this kind filmed in Georgia: a full-scale movie, the result of four seasons of filming, with several plotlines, telling about people, animals and birds, aiming to show the real life, coexistence of humans and wild nature, their influence on each other.

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“Jara” is not the first work by “EcoFilms Georgia”. The team is experienced in making documentaries about nature-human relations. Eco Films is also offering planning and other services and support to filmmakers and journalists, interested in related or different topics.

“EcoFilms Georgia” is producing “Jara” in cooperation with ALCP – Alliances Lesser Caucasus Programme, implemented by Mercy Corps with financial support from Swiss Cooperation Office South Caucasus. The film is also supported by CNF – Caucasus Nature Fund;

WWF through its project

“Promotion of Eco-corridors in the southern Caucasus” with funds provided by the German Federal

Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) and Development through KFW Development Bank;

Fund for Development of Bee-keeping; EcoToursGeorgia.