FAQ | News About Film & TV Production in Country Georgia


What is VAT rate in Georgia?

Georgia is a country with low tax rates and transparent tax system . VAT rate  is 18% .

You can download a detail pocket Tax Book and read more about VAT and other Tax official site of of Ministry of Finance of Georgia 

Did i need visa for production in Georgia ?

One of the advantages of choosing for production in Georgia, is that citizens of most of the countries can enter Georgia without any visa requirement.   Georgia Visa policy are wery welcome , all you need is a passport valid for at least 6 months it’s that easy to decide to film in Georgia.  Welcome.

Please read on this  post about Visa policy in Georgia .

which rental companies are in Georgia – what kind of equipment do you have regarding camera, light, grip) and what do you usually have to bring in?

Please found a list of Georgian Rental Houses on this link .

All rental houses are well set with modern film and TV Equipment. And for past few year rentals are getting more and more equipment .You can check also a equipment catalog , where you will found united catalog of almost all rental houses in Georgia .

Do you have technocrane 50ft, where is the closest Russian arm coming from

We own one TechnoCrane MovieBird 30 . Additional for a regular cranes from have Panther’s and MovieTech Cranes 12-15 meters .

Nears location to bring a Russian Arm to Georgia is Russia 🙂 It took few days to travel  Moscow to Tbilisi . Also back up location is Ukraine , aprx same distance .