GDS - Sharing Georgian Drama with the Word

Ever since its founding in 2012, GDS has been widely praised for igniting the culture of top quality TV in Georgia. It was more than a broadcasting network. It was an ambition, a real dream to outperform in both – technical and creative levels and bring the top quality Georgian drama to the world.

Now, three years later, GDS Productions managed to become the number one drama production company in Georgia. We managed to create number of high scale TV content including: Tifilis, The Lost Heroes and Paradox which even went on to garner the international appeal as well – with the Ukrainian NLO TV purchasing the rights for the first season and co-invest in the production of the second season. These dramas gave GDS a chance to become first time sellers in 2015, being the first company selling Georgian content elsewhere.


As Director of Programming Tamara Edgar told us :

The interest on the international market was surprising even for us. We are a new company in the market and people are interested. TV business is constantly looking for the Next Big Thing and as GDS only just started its pass, many think that we can offer the fresh and interesting content to the international audience.

GDS_Tiflis_From_SetThe reason of our success is simple – Our highest value is quality. Whatever GDS films, drama series or a sitcom, main objective is to have the highest quality possible. I think this was one of the reasons of success. And high quality gives us a chance to team up with foreign partners. We are highly
interested in co-production as well as filming series for foreign companies. We already had a wonderful experience when we filmed second season of a sci-fi drama ParadoX together with a Ukrainian channel NLO. This project once again proved that joining forces will be beneficial for companies as much as viewers.

GDS has a huge stock of talented and motivated people and we are sure that soon filming in Georgia will become more popular and we will establish ourselves as a filmmaking hub in the Eastern Europe. With the government recently introducing Tax Refund up to 25%, our objective seems even more realistic. As we are covering the whole spectrum of video production (animation, music videos, commercials and VFX), GDS is the strongest partner for co-production in Georgia.