Indian Movie “Kanche”. Filmed in Georgia.
LocationStock Founde – George Melikishvili spoked about Indian film “Kanche” pre-production and filming in Georgia.
Producer of Indian movie “Kanche” has contacted LocationStock company through our website and asked questions if there were locations necessary for movie connected to Second World War in Georgia. He provided little list of shooting places, where it was cleared up, that Georgia could be an ideal location for shooting this movie.

Negotiations were going on during one month. Within this period, we provided photographs of possible locations for movie, references of presumable actors/actresses and characters, list of technics and equipment, visual materials and information about transport, technics, costumes, props and other necessary inventory. After this, producer decided to visit Georgia and see its possibilities, locations, technics, props and etc. Thereon, he was convinced that all necessary resources offered by us were fully satisfactory, it was finally decided to conduct shootings in Georgia.

Approximately 60% of movie was done in Georgia, which generally is connected to massive fighting scenes. Shootings were conducted from 10th of May till 12th of June of 2015 year.

Shootings were conducted approximately on 10 different locations including: city of Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Gardabani, Kaspi and Ananuri.


The whole process of shooting was very interesting. Consolidation of Georgian and Indian groups happened in fully organic manner and shooting of film was going on in exceptionally friendly and harmonic environment.

The most important is that Indian shooting group composed with 25 persons, was satisfied when leaving Georgia and each member of this group has big desire to produce projects with us many times. Also, it must be mentioned, that Indian group, on their hand, will recommend their colleagues in India to produce their projects in Georgia.

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