International Airports of Georgia - Production in Georgia

First and main Airport is a Tbilisi International Airport  , for most of your projects Tbilisi will be a first entry city . Where all productions companies , rental houses are located . For visits on pre-produciton period , meetings with production houses it is main direction for you . But on production time , very important note that you need to know is that you can choose with in 2 more in Georgia located in 3 different regions , and popular filming locations .

Let start with Batumi International Airport , that about 420 km from Tbilisi , Film location on a black sea . Modern City , Modern Locations , Filming place for lot commercials , and music videos . Batumi International Airport is one of three international airports in operation in Georgia. The new Batumi airport terminal has been in operation since 26 May 2007. With a total area of 4,256 m2, it is capable of handling 600,000 passengers a year. In 2014 the airport was used by 213,439 passengers.

And David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport , operated with a state-owned company from 2013 year , covering 10% of carried passengers on the market . This location of airport is about 200 km from Tbilisi , and 230 km to Batumi . Located on a main high way it covered a huge part of locations near Kutaisi . And most important for production is low cost’s fly from Europe , Ukrain and Russia. You can check a low cost fly from Europe on a Wizz Air official Page .

Check a location database , with Tbilisi International Airport pictures .

Want to share also this promo video of Kutaisi International Airport , very nice filming location


You are welcome for Film in Georgia .