Levan Bakhia about Sarke Studio and film production in Georgia

sarkestudio-filmingeorgiaSarke Studio was founded in 1998, as a marketing, advertising and consulting company, at that time it was need of producing TV commercials, and Sarke Studio was responsible for that.
The company was the first, that imported some new equipment to the country for the filming needs. Then, as an advertising company Sarke Studio stopped existing, but we started doing movies as well as some commercials.

It was a natural way of growth and development. Slowly we turned into a film production company and in 2011 we shot our first feature.
we also started production services for film and commercial productions that came to Georgia.

Two films that were originated, born and implemented in this company are 247°F and Landmine Goes Click. both of the movies were our first steps in this field, they are the genre films and both of them have business model behind. These movies led us to new people and new networks. The next movie that we shot was “The Search”, this was the biggest project that we have done and I guess this was the biggest project that was done in Georgia. The Search is directed by Oscar winning Michel Hazanavicius, this project was followed up the “Artist”, which won Oscar, it was the co-production deal, we shot this movie together with “La Petite Reine. “
We have also made production services for 2 Indian movies, it was implemented by us, but we were just providing production services.

The most successful project was our first project 247°F, this genre film model still had it’s potential at that time, 247°F was picked up by anchor bay with the very solid advance. All other films, it’s still yet to be decided, and success story is yet to happen.

In the nearest future we are not planning our own projects, we are mainly concentrated on production services, the reason of this is our country has just introduced the tax incentives, and we want to help the country to have success in this new direction, we follow up with that and currently for us it’s a priority to help other productions.
In the long term perspective, we are writing scripts, and pitching ideas, trying some projects to bring to life.
The next project we want to perform in our company-we want to create something that will be bigger then previous projects, maybe not as big as the search, which was co-production, but who knows, maybe it will be even bigger. these are our future plans.

For now, we are welcoming all interested productions to film in Georgia, we are professional team here, who can accommodate any kind of productions, we have worked with productions from US, Europe, India, other parts of Asia, middle east , everybody has their own ways to do it, our team is ready to serve any of them, and not only our team, Georgian government is very supportive for the filmmakers who come to Georgia, so if you will come here, you can make a great movie and the whole country will be very helpful.