ARRI Alexa Mini and Movi M15 in Georgia - News About Film & TV Production in Country Georgia

Bring big-budget camera moves on set in Georgia.

The FreenFly  MōVI M15 draws on the advanced stabilization technology developed for the MōVI M10 allowing for amazingly smooth footage in even the most demanding situations.

Now with ARRI Alexa Mini on a Market , DOP’s are love to fly with  FreeFly Movi M15 loaded with Alexa Mini , As well with Red Dragon 6K  . We love to share with you this news ,

With a 2 Alexa Mini Cameras on a Georgian Rental market you are welcome to rent a Movi M15 production package with all nessesary toys  in Tbilisi from GDS Produciton Rental .



Movi M15 With Arri Alexa Mini

This year first Movi M15 Arrive on a Georgian Rental Market . For now this technology is not new at all on a market , but few years ago when Movi M10 arrive in Georgia , Sarke Studio with director Levan Bakhia decided to shoot 90 % of his new movie Land MIne Goes Click with a Movi M10 , Fully loaded with a RedEpic 5K camera and Arri Ultra Prime.It was one of first projects that in Georgia shoot on Movi M10 . You can watch movie on : Amazon or Itunes. Enjoy lovely locations in Georgia .