LF&T - News About Film & TV Production in Country Georgia

LF&T is a creative agency – for those who want advertisement done right. We are group of professionals with years of experience in marketing & communication, video & CG production and creative & design industry. Our goal is to bring something completely new and exciting on market – from simple ideas to complex projects. We do not simply sell your product through our commercials, but also tell a story and deliver a powerful message to your audience to make sure the impact is long-term. With technologies and worldwide web taking over our everyday lives, it’s getting harder and harder to filter the good from bad when it comes to information flow and some choose to ignore it all together. It’s crucial to stand out in the sea of commercials and that’s exactly where LF&T steps in. We can make your target audience avoid the skip button by creating professional and strategic, yet reletable and catchy ads. Tell us what you want to say and we’ll find the best way to say it – from rough idea to solid concepts. Whether you already got an exact idea for your commercial or a blank paper, we can make your vision come to life. Do you need a memorable commercial that tells your story powerfully? – Time for the the lights to turn on and the cameras roll… LF&T – where the action happens!