Magnet Film Production Companies Tbilisi

Magnet Studio ltd. was officially registered in spring 2013, yet it existed ever since we had identified each other as motivated individuals with the potential in advertising and film making in Georgia. As friends we had given each other quite some time to grow as professionals, develop necessary skills and be able to act independently. Last year we decided that it was the right time to unite and form the dream team consisting of the best directors, DOPs, producers, managers in the region.

Today Magnet Studio consists of professionals with broad experience in advertising and film making, active not only on the Georgian market, but also internationally. In addition to providing high quality production at a reasonable price, we have developed special capability of location search in a small but geographically rather diverse country. It works to our advantage that our country is small but at the same time culturally diverse, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, thus having the flavor of both. At a short distance from one another there is a sea shore, high mountains, modern ski resorts, deserts, medieval churches, prehistoric caves, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religious monuments as well as rich flora and fauna. This makes Georgia particularly attractive for filmmaking.