Sarke Studio - News About Film & TV Production in Country Georgia

We Are Passionate Filmmakers From Georgia – An Awesome Country In Europe. We believe In and strive To Build A Bright Future For Our Industry And Our country.

That’s Why We’re Challenging Ourselves To Become A Significant Member Of The Global Filmmaking Community. To Reach That Goal, We Produce Feature Films For International Audiences And/Or Provide Production Service To Those Interested In Filming In Georgia.

In 2016, Georgia introduced Tax Rebates for productions interested in filming in Georgia.  Our company is ready to welcome you with open arms and all the services you need, from location scouting in Georgia to providing crews and professional line production services.  Reach out with your project, and we can help you prepare a realistic budget, a schedule and a financial strategy that will put your project on the road to success. A Georgan road, of course.