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Georgia attracts Ukrainians very much. Mainly because of its touristic places, culture, shopping and cuisine. But also it’s a very attractive country for those who shoot films and commercials. More about timings, budgets, possibilities you can learn from The Martini Shot production house owners Sveta Liagina and Nikita Kochkarev. And this is what we did.

How old is your company and how many projects have you done?

Sveta: Our Kiev office was founded 4 years ago and Georgian department was opened in May, 2014. Almost 3 years ago.

Our plans and estimations were really paid off. We’ve made more than 25 spots within this time. The result is more than impressive not just for a new company, but for a new market also.  Just give a try and sell an unknown country to a client. Try to reassure them that everything is going to be on the same level as it was before.

What’re the budgets to shoot in Georgia?

Nikita:  It depends what you compare to. This market is definitely more expensive than Ukrainian.  But not because Georgian market is extremely expensive. It’s because Ukraine experience crisis now. And Ukrainian budgets expressed in dollars are not competitive at all. Georgian market is way less expensive than Slovenian, Croatian, Portuguese, Spanish and maybe even Bulgarian and Romanian. Sometimes we’re a little bit expensive, but sometimes way less. Though we’ve never lost a pitch to any other country. Georgian film industry is very developed, but commercials market is different.

How do you provide high quality service?

Sveta: We can talk by the hours about it. It’s extremely important to know two things about Georgia. First – you have to know each and every specialist of the market. And not just be acquainted, but know what they can. You should properly evaluate the project and the resources you have and make necessary decision on time. And the second is to stay in touch with those people. This is Georgia and they’re one big family. You’re either in (and you have to be with your family forever) or you’re out (and you won’t make your business here). In terms of that our partner and Georgian co-owner Dina Akhmyatova and local team support us a lot. Furthermore, there’re so many know-how we implemented during the last three years. It’s safe to say that the service and production we provide is at European level.

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For what markets you shoot most of the time?

Now it’s Russia. They also experience economic crisis and don’t have enough money to shoot in Europe or far away. And Georgia is very hospitable in terms of tourism and has great variety of shooting locations. Neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan or Turkey also shoot a lot there. Talking about film industry Indian market develops fast. But we’re pitching more and more as a service company for many European countries. They’re looking for the new places with great service, good weather and modern equipment. And as you know this is not something common now.

What have you shot lately and for whom?

Since last year it was Raffaello (Ferrero Roche), Kit Kat (Nestle), Nissan, Tele 2 (telecom company), Megafon (telecom company), VTB 24 (bank). And these days there was another one job for a bank. It’s a real thriller! Three shooting days in Svaneti, Megrelia and not far from Tbilisi with American actress and German director. And there’s one blockbuster we’re shooting right now… 

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