“The girl and the goldfish”- a game changing project

The girl and the goldfish is a short georgian animation film started by a Georgian animator/animation supervisor Levan Lapachi, written by a famous Georgian writer Guram Petriashvili.

It tells us the story of a great friendship, love and overcoming obstacles in ones lives as the girl and the goldfish become closest friends and learn a lot from each other. We approached Levan and asked him a few question to find out what’s so special about this project that makes it stand out.

Q: Levan, please tell us how did you come up with the idea of creating a short animation film and why did you choose specifically this story?

A: First of all I would like to thank you for taking interest in my story and letting me tell about it to the world. I wanted to create my own short animation film for years now and finally I think that I’ve gained the experience that I needed over the past 10 years of my work in computer animation industry to start my own short film. I wanted to participate in the contest that was held by the Georgian National Film Center for creating a short animation film based on the Georgian folk tale for kids, so I did not even hesitate to look into one of my favorite Georgian folk tale writers, Guram Petriashvili and rediscover his tales once again. As I came across “The girl and the goldfish”, I’ve felt the warmest feelings by reading it and I’ve instantly imagined how any of the famous animation studios would take it and make it into a beautiful short animation film that the audience would love, so at that point I knew that I had my mind set and the journey began.

Q: What happened at the contest and what stage is the animation at?  

A: Unfortunately the animation did not win the contest, but this did not break me down. I have continued working on it on my spare time, with the help of my team mates. We are aiming to hit the crowd funding website, www.indiegogo.com in september 2016 to raise the money that we need for the production of this animation. We have already created some of the concepts for the film and started working on 3D models of the main characters. We will have the 1 minute animation demo in september as well, that will show the quality and some of the storytelling that we are offering to the audience. I hope that we raise the money we need because this will be a great start-up kick for Georgian animation industry, as we can develop to compete against the international studios and markets with our quality and price that we are offering.

Q: What is the budget of your short animation, how many people will you have involved and when will we see the animation itself?

A: I will have about 19 Artists involved in making this short animation starting from Concept artists to Compositing and Audio production. They are the people that I have connected to throughout my career in computer animation and who can deliver the quality that is needed to compete against the foreign studios. The animation will be 10 minutes long and it will take about 8 months to complete once I get the funding. You might ask, 8 months for 10 minutes? Yes, with only 19 artists at my disposal that is the best timeline that one can offer. Taking all that in mind the budget of the film will be somewhere around 100,000$ valuation and if you compare this price to the international markets, you will be amazed how competitive we can be.

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Q: What happens after the short animation is done, what are your plans for the future?

A: Well, the main idea behind creating the short animation is to gain the attraction from the producers and potential investors in animation industry around the world to build our own studio that will be focused on creating high quality feature/short/television animations for the international markets. We want to show them that we can compete with our quality vs cost efficiency to studios around the world. We are aiming for the festivals as soon as the short film is done, and hopefully we will gain the attention we need. We already have huge support from lots of Georgian televisions and people who heard about us, they all can’t wait to see it done. Some of the local producers are also waiting for the final product to take the necessary actions for developing the animation industry with us here in Georgia.