Keti-machavariani-filmingeorgiatodayFounded in 2012, Vineyard Films is a wide-ranging Video Production Service Studio. It provides a uniquely high quality service, taking pride in its diverse portfolio of interesting projects.

Keti Machavariani – studio producer – has recently returned from Moscow, following successful negotiations with new partners and clients. 

We sat down to discuss the details of her trip and the future of the company.

Q – 2012 saw a flourishing start for the company: you produced a comprehensive range of videos. In 2015, Vineyard Films was restructured. What effect did this have on your services?

 A – Our services – the production of advertisements, TV series and video clips for foreign companies – have not changed. In 2015, following the withdrawal of one of our partners, the production workload was split between Sopo Bazgadze and myself. Despite this development, we are confident and vigorous in our approach to further cultivate Vineyard Films.

There are plans to visit European countries in order to attract more partners and prospective clients.

The trip to Moscow was the first arranged visit since the revamp.

Q – Are you satisfied with your visit to Moscow?

A – It was a very productive trip. Over the course of a week I met with representatives of several creative agencies and production companies, exchanging contact details and discussing potential partnerships. I answered many questions regarding tax incentives.Specifically speaking, the questions were in reference to the “Film In Georgia” program, which was launched by the Ministry of Economy this year. The aim of the program is to further grow the Georgian film industry by offering 20-25% cash rebates, as a stimulus for foreign companies to film in Georgia.

Q – What kind of service do you provide for your clients? How does this facilitate their filming procedure?

A – Vineyard Films is the leading production studio providing high quality services for foreign clientele. The main service we provide is the organization of filming in Georgia.Given our flexible pricing and organized service, we have the capacity to compete with any rival company visiting in Georgia.

Despite the fact that there are several foreign production companies in Georgia at the moment, Vineyard Films sustains its position as the most experienced on the Georgian market. This ensures that we get better offers on equipment rentals and labor costs. As a result we can always compete with the lowest prices for our clients.

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Q – It is common knowledge that clients typically hire Directors and DOPs from their own countries. Do you feel that this tradition might change in the near future?

It is true that clients usually bring their own Directors and DOPs. However, during my recent visit to Moscow I noticed an increasing amount of interest in hiring our local talent. This could certainly be arranged with our qualified personnel.

Q – What’s next for Vineyard Films?

A – The trip to Russia has been our initial step towards embarking upon the global market. There are plans to arrange trips to Ukraine and Europe within the coming months. Northern-European companies frequently travel abroad to countries such as Spain, Italy and South Africa to film with the essential climate conditions. Despite being a small territory, Georgia has a diversely beautiful landscape – with geographical locations and climate zones ranging from alpine to subtropical. It is within our interest to draw their attention towards Georgia by offering competitive prices and services. We believe that Georgia has the potential to attract many international film companies.