Vineyard Films about "M Mobile” commercial filmed in Georgia

After the company’s re-launch in 2016 Vineyard Films took off with a fine  start and carried out several compelling projects.
In November, 2016 the company joined forces with old partner, the Russian Agency “Reflex”, on a new project for “M Mobile”. The shooting took place on several locations from Tbilisi to Kodjori and Davit Gareji.
While we largely invest our creativity in ideas, a large part of what we do has to do with overcoming unpredictable challenges. We would like to share one particular case with you: According to the brief of the above project, a modern Volkswagen minibus was required for one of the episodes. The vehicle turned out to a hard-find in Georgia or anywhere nearby. Finally, after many desperate attempts, with the help of our foreign colleagues we found a hippie-style minibus covered in flowers in Ankara, Turkey and transported it for the shooting. With a tight deadline and one reasonable option, we worked hard with our skilled and imaginative art department to transform the bus into a brand new Volkswagen, which created the perfect mood for the entire clip.

Another memorable challenge was to shoot the drone scenes. Apparently, the Russian law suggests a complicated permission system; making it impossible for us to shoot that scene on their territory. We carefully considered different options and legal systems. What we found was that the Georgian system offered much more flexibility. We obtained permissions through simple procedures and were able to shoot with drones in the city center with no further complications. One more lesson learned and know-how was added to our portfolio.

[Not a valid template]As we focus our efforts on creative problem-solving, Vinyard Films transforms challenges into opportunities. As we focus on planning, research and building our networks, we learn from our experiences and view success as a step forward in our development.

Many of our  partners, including Agency “Instinct” and “Reflex” Production are well acquainted with our country through our work. We have been able to put Georgia on the map as an advertising location and helped directors, like Magnus Renfors from Sweden discover a new world in Georgia.

In the next article, we will share with you the most ambitious project, which Vineyard Films had to fulfill so far. Stay tuned!